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A company car is one of the most discussed topics between an entrepreneur and his or her tax advisor. Bottom line is to have a high expensive car on the company and drive it privately. Company car – tennis instructor Apparently becoming a tennis teacher involves a company car, not [...]
09 Oct 2017
Source: Dutch Tax Blog
The post Upcoming expat housing seminar in The Hague – Free entrance appeared first on Orange Tax Services. [...]
05 Oct 2017
Source: Dutch Tax Blog
Incoming employees / Expats If you were recruited outside of the Netherlands or seconded by an employer to work in the Netherlands, your employer may provide you with 30% of your salary tax free. Not all of the employees which were recruited or seconded can make use of the 30% [...]
29 Sep 2017
Source: Dutch Tax Blog
Has the 30% ruling reached the moment of it being expired? No, not yet. Is it under attack? Yes it is. Do we need to be worried? Not yet, depending who is in power. 30% ruling The 30% ruling is a tax credit of 30% on the income earned by [...]
28 Sep 2017
Source: Dutch Tax Blog
Driving a company car in the Netherlands is not a free treat of the employer. Taxation and a company car go hand in hand for the private use of the car. The employee needs to add a percentage of the Dutch catalogue value to his or her income as that [...]
11 Sep 2017
Source: Dutch Tax Blog
Currently a lot of companies show ‘We are hiring', so do we, as the Dutch economy is booming. Payroll in the Netherlands, what does that imply? Payroll in the Netherlands We have two types from a practical point of view. One type is not the genuine employee, but you can [...]
06 Sep 2017
Source: Dutch Tax Blog
In the Netherlands you could be income tax due to the Dutch tax office, but you can also receive a tax refund from the Dutch tax office. Bank account payments from the tax office, how is that done? How are bank account payments to the Dutch tax office done? First [...]
28 Aug 2017
Source: Dutch Tax Blog
In the Netherlands parking your car without paying for parking is a commodity only possible in the country side. The local cities have become very creative with scanning cars. Cars that drive at a normal speed through the city, scanning all license plates of parked cars. If a car has [...]
11 Jul 2017
Source: Dutch Tax Blog
Die Möglichkeiten, auf globaler Ebene für Unternehmen zu arbeiten, sind mittlerweile so einfach geworden, dass man beispielsweise von seinem Standort in den Niederlanden aus für ein in den USA registriertes Unternehmen arbeiten kann. Welches sind die steuerrechtlichen Konsequenzen? In steuerlicher Hinsicht sind Sie abhängig von der lokalen Gesetzgebung und den [...]
06 Jul 2017
Source: Dutch Tax Blog
Income dependent combination rebate The income dependent combination rebate, the so called “Inkomensafhankelijke Combinatiekorting”, is one of the personal levy rebates in the income tax, which reduces the amount of income tax due. This specific personal levy rebate is interesting for you when: you have a [...]
05 Jul 2017
Source: Dutch Tax Blog
Wir werden häufig von ausländischen Unternehmen kontaktiert, die in den Niederlanden am Standort des Kunden als Subunternehmer arbeiten. Dies gilt als anerkannte Beschäftigung. Was ist anerkannte Beschäftigung? In den Niederlanden muss Beschäftigung nicht schriftlich vereinbart werden. Es kann sich dabei auch um eine mündliche Vereinbarung handeln. Das Finanzamt hat diesen [...]
04 Jul 2017
Source: Dutch Tax Blog
Eine BV-Gesellschaft ist die juristische Person in den Niederlanden, die mit der britischen Limited Company oder der deutschen GmbH verglichen werden kann. Die Einrichtung einer BV-Gesellschaft in den Niederlanden kann interessant sein, aber muss die BV-Gesellschaft immer in den Niederlanden ansässig sein? BV-Gesellschaft Eine BV-Gesellschaft ist eine juristische Person mit [...]
03 Jul 2017
Source: Dutch Tax Blog
In the Netherlands we have wage tax rules for major shareholders directors in a BV company with respect to the minimum salary they need to earn. Some think that if the legal entity is incorporated and kept abroad, these rules do not apply. This is the wake up message for [...]
29 Jun 2017
Source: Dutch Tax Blog
The income tax return was due before May 1 last. The tax residents that filed before April 1 last have received by now or will receive this week before July 1 their income tax assessment. Check your tax assessment – especially when you filed a so called M form The [...]
27 Jun 2017
Source: Dutch Tax Blog
Hard or soft Brexit, a Brexit is coming and basically nobody knows what that implies. Hence we experience many British companies setting up business already on the continent, to prevent their company being blocked from doing business with Europa in the post Brexit era. What pre Brexit move to the [...]
14 Jun 2017
Source: Dutch Tax Blog
Airline pilots are subject to taxation over their income as well, but how and where are they taxed? They fly over so many countries, is their activity assumed an activity in that specific country they fly over or have simple rules been issued. Where is an Airline pilot taxed? That [...]
08 Jun 2017
Source: Dutch Tax Blog
The moment you become an entrepreneur in the Netherlands or when you start up your BV company, you are required to process a bookkeeping. A rejected bookkeeping presents an rather undesired situation. Bookkeeping meeting tax office requirements A bookkeeping that meets the tax office requirements is one from which it [...]
24 May 2017
Source: Dutch Tax Blog
Credit card company American Express (AMEX) has been told by the American court to provide the credit card details of accounts connected to a foreign bank account to the Dutch tax office. Is that a problem? The Dutch tax office has started the process in order to force any [...]
19 May 2017
Source: Dutch Tax Blog
The current global possibilities to work for any company has become so easy, that you could easily work for instance for an US registered company from your home in the Netherlands. What are the consequences tax wise? Tax wise you are depending on the local legislation and the tax treaties. [...]
13 May 2017
Source: Dutch Tax Blog
A BV company is the legal entity in the Netherlands that can be compared with the UK Ltd, or German GmbH. Setting up a BV company in the Netherlands can be interesting, but is the BV company always a Dutch resident company? Setting up BV company A BV company is [...]
04 Apr 2017
Source: Dutch Tax Blog